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May 18th, 2010

Two quotes popped into my head as I rode my bicycle this evening. One came to me via a cyclist. Where it originated, I haven’t a clue, but it goes like this. “Sunshine, blue skies, 78 degrees, wind at your back—Where’s the challenge in that?”

The other comes from Miss Stevie Nicks. “Sometimes life’s a bitch; sometimes it’s a breeze.”

The ride tonight took effort. The weather was bleak, almost November-like. Considering it’s mid-May, bundling up in what felt like a ski outfit right after getting home from work was not high on the list. However, after reading today that for each hour a person sits, their chance of heart disease increases 20 percent, sitting idle inside the house was simply not going to be an option. So, with an eye toward a healthy future, I threw on the weather-gear and went for a high-intensity bike ride—–within minutes of rolling out, I was rewarded with some steady falling rain.

I rode in it for over two hours. Very few things are more enjoyable than rolling along to the sound of raindrops falling onto a canopy of leaves.

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