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Eating Buffalo

May 13th, 2010

Buffalo-CalfWhen the big beast first saw me, she hurriedly hustled over beside her calf. Within a few seconds, the two of them scampered off, joining the rest of the herd.

 The strength in the Bison’s hindquarters was very much evident as she galloped away. This was no sluggish, half-comatose, grain eating cow. No. This was a vibrant and strong wild animal. Whereas a  cow comes across as a bit dumb, the bison appears to be smart as a whip. It’s eyes register an awareness not seen in the more vacant cow.

When watching buffalo, one can’t help but get the sense that this animal is the epitome of health and life-energy. Of course, that comes from feeling the earth shake as an animal weighing 2000 lbs takes off running, accelerating much like a horse. Only something extremely healthy and full of life-energy could even attempt to do that. 

By eating grass instead of grains and running at a gallop, bison are quite muscular and very low in fat, and cholesterol while also being high in protein and iron. An added benefit is that bison meat is also loaded with essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.

This is the food humans need to eat in order to thrive. Bison is one of the primary meats that Michelle and I eat.

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