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Moon 'til Noon

Sounds of Summer’s Fade

September 4th, 2010

Strong wind rushes through pine needles. Birds sing, but hold tight to their roost. The cicada that still remain this late in the season, chirp their final song of summer. All are sounds I would surely not hear were I to be using a chainsaw today.

One fast way to get on the track to longevity is to ditch the big powered tools like the riding lawnmower, leaf blower and chainsaw. We can all benefit from more folks doing yard work with their hands or simple human-powered mechanical devices like a reel mower, a rake and an axe.

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June 21st, 2010


Whether wind, snow, rain or sleet, there is never a good excuse to get out of training for life. On a cold and windy Saturday, right before Mother’s Day, the three of us spent the day riding our bicycles 100 miles. Pictured above was us as we celebrated arriving at the halfway point with food and iced tea.

Pictured below is Mom, Michelle and I at the halfway point of our twelve mile hike through Hocking Hills on Mother’s Day.


Fun & Games

May 21st, 2010

Being fit makes life more fun. Getting there can be a game, a challenge to oneself. The best part however is feeling better. No aches, no pains, not being tired, not feeling sad, no trouble sleeping, no need for any hard-on pills, at 47 I feel as good as I did at 27. And, I am having fun every single day.

The Noon Part

May 20th, 2010

Snapped pic of the butterfy…

Noon is meant for walking. With or without boots…but a mobile phone-cam does come in handy.

Looking Forward

May 18th, 2010

Two quotes popped into my head as I rode my bicycle this evening. One came to me via a cyclist. Where it originated, I haven’t a clue, but it goes like this. “Sunshine, blue skies, 78 degrees, wind at your back—Where’s the challenge in that?”

The other comes from Miss Stevie Nicks. “Sometimes life’s a bitch; sometimes it’s a breeze.”

The ride tonight took effort. The weather was bleak, almost November-like. Considering it’s mid-May, bundling up in what felt like a ski outfit right after getting home from work was not high on the list. However, after reading today that for each hour a person sits, their chance of heart disease increases 20 percent, sitting idle inside the house was simply not going to be an option. So, with an eye toward a healthy future, I threw on the weather-gear and went for a high-intensity bike ride—–within minutes of rolling out, I was rewarded with some steady falling rain.

I rode in it for over two hours. Very few things are more enjoyable than rolling along to the sound of raindrops falling onto a canopy of leaves.

Utter Perfection

May 17th, 2010

A perfect hike on the perfect day stopping at a perfect little stream snapping a shot of the perfect girlfriend.

 What more can a dude possibly say?

Foods of Color

May 17th, 2010

Imagine a salad without lettuce. Picture one that is green because it consists of dark leaves like kale, spinach and chard; not sickly looking leaf like the basically colorless Iceberg or the bleached-out faded hue of green seen in Romaine. The leaves in a salad should be crisp and very green.

Also, since we’re on th esubject of color, I love adding reds, purples and even whites in with all that green. A salad can always use some slices tomatoes, a bit of red onion and few sprigs of chive for added flavor and color. The result is a healthy bowl of fresh & vibrant energy.


May 15th, 2010

Nibbling on a slice of apple covered in raw cacao paste and sprinkled with sunflower seeds stimulates the mind. Each bite a cool, sweet crunchy delight. It’s very refreshing and, once a couple pieces of raw cheddar cheese are added to the mix, a quick, easy and tastey breakfast. I’m eating a plate of this delicacy right now, staring at the rising shoots of mystery-crop popping up out of the ground in the nearby field and wondering…

Is it corn or soybean?

 I guess it doesn’t really matter because whatever it is it’s genetically engineered, needs a ton of fertilizer and weed killer tossed on it just to survive into maturity, and it will eventually be hauled up the highway to the giant agri-bus outfit that already owns the contract on it.

The stuff may as well be “corn-bean”. I sure as hell will never be eating a single bite of it. Nor will I ever be eating any of the creatures that are going to be fed the stuff.

Remember: “You are what you eat.” And, if a cow eats nothing but animal feed made of corn and soybean, the cow pretty much becomes corn-bean.

Don’t become corn-bean.

 Look good, feel good, be well: Eat a diverse diet, consisting of assorted fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, whole grains and free-range, grass fed animal products. You will never regret it.

Eating Buffalo

May 13th, 2010

Buffalo-CalfWhen the big beast first saw me, she hurriedly hustled over beside her calf. Within a few seconds, the two of them scampered off, joining the rest of the herd.

 The strength in the Bison’s hindquarters was very much evident as she galloped away. This was no sluggish, half-comatose, grain eating cow. No. This was a vibrant and strong wild animal. Whereas a  cow comes across as a bit dumb, the bison appears to be smart as a whip. It’s eyes register an awareness not seen in the more vacant cow.

When watching buffalo, one can’t help but get the sense that this animal is the epitome of health and life-energy. Of course, that comes from feeling the earth shake as an animal weighing 2000 lbs takes off running, accelerating much like a horse. Only something extremely healthy and full of life-energy could even attempt to do that. 

By eating grass instead of grains and running at a gallop, bison are quite muscular and very low in fat, and cholesterol while also being high in protein and iron. An added benefit is that bison meat is also loaded with essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.

This is the food humans need to eat in order to thrive. Bison is one of the primary meats that Michelle and I eat.

Longevity Right Now

April 27th, 2010

Pictured above, my mom is benefiting from all of her hard work and taking advantage of longevity right now. Smiling wide at the of 68, she exercises daily, eats sensibly and maintains a healthy happy disposition by pursuing new goals.

Her latest accomplishment: Pedaling a bike at an average speed of nearly 16 mph for 60 miles.

That’s pretty darn good. Way to go mom!

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